2016 Clutch #1


Date Laid: June 10th 2016 - 10 Fertile Eggs

Results: 0.1 Sterling Bee, 2.0 Lesser Pewter, 1.0 Queenbee, 1.0 Sterling, 2.0 Pewter, 1.0 Lesser Bee, 1.0 Cinna Bee, 1.0 Pastel
Description: Steele Pythons first ever clutch is on the ground and we couldn't be more excited! Our big Pewter Bee girl gave us 10 healthy eggs to put in the incubator from our Pastel Lesser Male. All 10 eggs have hatched and we have some beautiful babies to make available.

Sterling Bee Ball Python (FEMALE)
REF#: SP1601_f_SterlingBee_01

4 gene powerhouse female! Pair her with a nice male and the sky is the limit!

Lesser Pewter Ball Python (MALE)
REF#: SP1601_m_LesserPewter_02

Couldn't be happier with these Lesser Pewters. What a gorgeous combination!

Queen Bee Ball Python (MALE)
REF#: SP1601_m_QueenBee_01

Queen Bee (Lesser, Pastel, Spider) male. Beautiful and clean and ready for a new home!

Lesser Bee Ball Python (MALE)
REF#: SP1601_m_LesserBee_01

Who doesn't love Bees? Lesser and Spider are two amazing genes that go great together!

Sterling Ball Python (MALE)
#REF: SP1601_m_Sterling_01

Love Pewters but want to amp up the silver and yellow? Then this Sterling is for you! He'll never produce a normal!

Cinna Bee Ball Python (MALE)
REF#: SP1601_m_CinnaBee_01

Two powerful genes in a single male. This guy is the key to a lot of great combos.

Pewter Ball Python (MALE)
REF#: SP1601_m_Pewter_02

Pictures don't do Pewters justice. They have to be seen in person to appreciated!

Pastel Ball Python (MALE)
REF#: SP1601_m_Pastel_01

Pastel male. Terrific example of this single gene morph. He's bright!