Thomas Steele


Like many, I started my love affair with reptiles at a young age. My first actual pet reptile was a normal ball python I picked up while in college. As many of you know it's nearly impossible to stop at one. The collection quickly grew to include blood pythons, dumeril's boas, a burmese, blood pythons, and of course ball pythons. My wife and I also got into leopard geckos for a few years.

With marriage and kids I didn't have the time to dedicate to my animals that I wanted and so I dropped out of the hobby. When my oldest son was three we picked up a normal male ball python from a local reptile show from a nice breeder we met there. He gave my son a t-shirt to go with our new pet. Flash forward around 8-9 years and my youngest was wearing the t-shirt from the breeder. The breeder was Justin Kobylka. We decided to look him up to see if he was still breeding snakes. We were pretty amazed to see how far Justin had come since we first met him. He had a pair of het ultramels for sale which we purchased and just like that we were back in the hobby. This time with ample time to devote to it and with kids to help. We're now in the process of gearing up into our first foray into ball python breeding and hope to have our first clutches in early 2016.